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Table of Contents

  1. What is GB WhatsApp?
  2. What are the features of GB WhatsApp?
  3. What can I do if GB WhatsApp account be banned temporarily?
  4. The comparision of GB WhatsApp & WhatsApp
  5. Who is the founder of GB WhatsApp?
  6. How to get a new version of GB WhatsApp?
  7. How to transfer data from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp?
  8. FAQ about GB WhatsApp APK
  9. Conclusion

What is GB WhatsApp?

With the rapidly changing landscape of communications technology, messaging applications have emerged as essential resources for facilitating global connections between friends, family, and coworkers. With more than a billion users globally, WhatsApp stands out among the many messaging apps for its ease of use, dependability, and extensive feature set. Even if WhatsApp is very popular, there are several restrictions and limitations that could make users want for more. In this situation, GBWhatsApp enters the picture with a plethora of additional features and customization choices that improve the user experience over and above what the stock WhatsApp app has to offer. We'll delve deeply into the world of GBWhatsApp APK new updated in this thorough introduction, looking at its history, capabilities, and promise to revolutionize communication.

APP Info

App NameGBWhatsApp
Operating systemAndroid
Update Time1 days ago
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What are the features of GB WhatsApp?

BWhatsApp's wide range of customization choices, which let users customize their messaging experience to suit their own tastes, is one of its most notable aspects. The following are some of the main characteristics that distinguish GBWhatsApp from its rivals:

Enhanced Privacy Settings : With GBWhatsApp latest version, users have greater control over privacy settings. They can conceal their typing state, online status, and blue ticks. Users can discreetly communicate on their own terms thanks to this privacy customization feature.

Custom Themes: GBWhatsApp users can customize the appearance and feel of their messaging interface by selecting from a wide range of custom themes. GBWhatsApp offers a theme to fit any taste, whether you like bold hues or simple patterns.

Expanded Media Sharing: GBWhatsApp enables users to send larger files, including high-quality photos and videos, in contrast to the normal WhatsApp app, which places restrictions on the amount and kinds of media files that may be shared. Users who routinely share rich media assets with their connections may find this option very helpful.

Message Planner: Users can plan messages to be sent at a later time using the built-in message planner in GBWhatsApp. The Message Planner guarantees that your messages are delivered on time, whether you're sending a buddy a happy birthday wish or a colleague a friendly reminder.

Dual Account Support: GBWhatsApp offers dual account support for those who wish to maintain distinct accounts for their personal and business lives or who need to manage different phone numbers. With the help of this functionality, users may easily switch between several accounts without extra installation.

Auto-reply Setting: This feature is popular for businessmen. They can set the content of an auto reply with GBWhatsApp. Bulk message to personal chat and group available as well, which is more convenient than using WhatsApp.

Anti-revoke: That's the magic of GB WhatsApp, it allows you to see what others try to revoke. Even the messages be deleted or revoked, your app can also keep them.

Download Status: Usually, WhatsApp Status will disappear automatically after 24 hours. If you hope to save them, you can download GB WhatsApp apk on your Android phone.

App Lock: You can set PIN, Password, or Fingerprint in GB WhatsApp. It helps hidden messages and prohibits people accessing your phone.

Filter Message: This function is useful for filter message types, especially when looking for messages sent at a certain time. It saves time for searching messages sent already for a long time in a mess.

DND Mode: Do not disturb mode is one of the popular modified functions. Messagenotice will be blocked when users are using other applications or having a video chat.

Hide Status: It's a special feature WhatsApp official doesn't have. Hide status then your contacts can't see your status. Don't worry, even if you hide your status, you can still check theirs.

Bulk Sender: This feature is effective, which allows you to send bulk messages to multiple contacts at the same time. Company or team use it to update announcement frequently.

Protection against account suspension or ban arising from using third-party messaging apps: GBWhatsApp has built-in anti-ban protection. This guarantees that users won't face any penalties from WhatsApp while taking advantage of GBWhatsApp under most situation.

GB Whatsapp APP download: Prior to exploring the world of GBWhatsApp, it's crucial to think about the installation procedure and any possible security risks. It is not possible to download GBWhatsApp from official app stores like the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store because it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp client. Users are forced to download software from unaffiliated sites instead, which may be risky in terms of security. When downloading and installing GBWhatsApp, exercise caution and only download the program from reliable sources. Users should also be advised that using unofficial messaging apps, such as GBWhatsApp, can be against WhatsApp's terms of service, which could lead to account suspension or other consequences.

What can I do if GB WhatsApp account be banned temporarily?

Since the GBWhatsApp is a mod version of official WhatsApp, so no risk is impossible, and the temporary banned notice may appear in your app suddenly. But, you can take quick action to switch GBWhatsApp data to WhatsApp official. Using the backup and restore method mentioned in our webpage. For more details, you can also check this article about how to transfer GBWhatsApp data to WhatsApp after get ban notice .

The Comparision of GB WhatsApp & WhatsApp

To make clear the outstanding features of GB WhatsApp, we made a chart to show the difference of GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp. You can check the features you care more about.

GBWhatsApp vs. WhatsApp

FeaturesGB WhatsAppWhatsApp
Airplane Mode✔️
DND Mode✔️
Status Download✔️
Files Sending Limit999MB100MB
Photo Sending Limit90 at once
Online Status Hiding✔️
Auto Message✔️
Bulk Messagge✔️
More Themes✔️
Custom Font✔️

Who is the founder of GBWhatsApp?

GB Whatsapp was created by a group of individuals including Heymods, Alexmods, Fouad mods and others who wanted to improve the messaging experience and is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger. GBWhatsApp Heymods's development is based on the principles of innovation and customisation, with the goal of addressing the shortcomings of its predecessor and adding a variety of new features to cater to the wide range of needs of its user base. User demand for extra functionality not included in the original WhatsApp app prompted the project's inception. GBWhatsApp APK is now a feature-rich substitute that offers users additional options to customize their messaging experience as it has developed over time. GBWhatsApp strives to provide users with the means to customize their messaging experience in accordance with their tastes, from configurable themes to sophisticated privacy options.

How to get a new version of GBWhatsApp

  1. Method 1: You can check the app on your Android phone to see if there is any updated version, and then download it. The log file will show the newly added features or fixed errors.
  2. Method 2: You can bookmark our website on Google browser or your phone browser. Any time you hope to see if there are any new features, you can go back to our website to download GBWhatsApp latest version.

How to transfer WhatsApp data to GBWhatsApp?

The first thing you need to notice is that WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp can't be used in the same phone. So, before install GB WhatsApp, you should backup data from WhatsApp and then unintall it. But, you can't choose to clear all data from your phone when uninstall. Because you still need to restore those data after download and install GB WhatsApp.

Here is the simple process:

  1. First, go to message page, click the three-dot button on the top right side. Choose Setting > Chats > Chat backup > BACK UP. You can also back up to Google Drive if afraid of data losing after delete WhatsApp.
  2. Second, data of WhatsApp are saved now. You can uninstall WhatsApp and then go to GB WhatsApp.
  3. Third, When launched GB WhatsApp, it will pop up a window to ask if you need to "RESTORE BACKUP". Just tap it to recover your data. Here, you finished transfer WhatsApp data to GB WhatsApp successfully.



  1. Is GB WhatsApp safe?

    The app itself is safe, but considering it's a modified version of original WhatsApp , it does has risks of temporaroy or permanent bans. And, users also need to abide by the terms and policies of official WhatsApp.

  2. Should I always update GBWhatsApp?

    No, it's not required to keep using the latest version. If there are no other problems, keeping your current one is absolutely OK.

  3. Where can I seek for help when some error exist in this app?

    Usually there will be no error, it's a stable app with high volume download. But, you can bookmark our website to download the updated version of GBWhatsApp. The new version can solve any problems.

  4. Can I use this app on my iPhone?

    Sorry, GB WhatsApp it is not available for iOS. It can only be applied to Andorid phones.

  5. Can I use GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp with the same phone number on the same phone?

    No. When you sign in the same number on the two, one of them will be logged out. We recommend you to use two different numbers. Master one for WhatsApp original and the other one for GB WhatsApp.

  6. Is GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp?

    For people who would like to enjoy no limit features, GB WhatsApp is truly a better choice than WhatsApp. Certainly, WhatsApp official has more users than GB WhatsApp. However, among those who are willing to take a little risk using the mod version. Download and install WhatsApp is naturally for additional use.

Considering the future

There will always be a need for cutting-edge features and customizable alternatives as communications technology develops. With GBWhatsApp APK for Android, users may demonstrate their creativity and innovation and contribute to a vision of the future of messaging apps. With so many features and functionalities available, GBWhatsApp is a great place to start whether you want to learn more about connecting with people, boost your privacy, or just try out different approaches to communicating. Although there should be caution when using third-party messaging programs, GB WhatsApp has shown to be a reliable substitute for consumers who want to enhance their texting experience.